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A Blog as a Website:

Websites don't have to be complicated these days. Elizabeth uses Blogger to set up a blog which resembles a slick website, yet is easy for the owner to maintain and make changes... without being stuck with one web designer for the life of the website. Now, you can be in control!

For a flat fee, Elizabeth will set up your blog to look and behave like a website with your own URL ( She'll walk you through how to edit content (including an online portfolio and blog if you like), and she'll be around for questions after you're up and running.

It's the simplest and least expensive way to have a good looking online presence.

Web Design:

Although Elizabeth rarely does entire websites anymore, you can scroll below to view examples of her past web designs.

CLICK HERE to view an example of how she presented options for a design firm.

All work © Elizabeth Dulemba