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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tag, I'm IT too!

My good friend (and conference travelling buddy) Karen Lee tagged me this morning. And seeing as it's a Sunday and I'm being a complete slug - I'll bite.

4 Jobs I've had:
I was a hostess/waitress and I was absolutely terrible at it. I ended up being assigned the worst stations and doing portraits of the other waitresses on slow nights in the back.

I was a groom for the Atlanta Polo Club. That was pretty cool actually. Yes, I had to muck out the stalls, which I don't really mind, but I also had to exercise the horses, and they were some darned fine animals. Course, it's also how I attained a lot of the injuries that still haunt me today, including a broken nose. Hm.

I created animations for the Stone Mountain Laser Show - cast onto the side of an enormous granite mountain with laser lights. We were a small room full of artists, most true animators who went on to work for the Cartoon Network, and there wasn't a day I didn't cry from laughing so hard. Crazy good times.

Well, this one was volunteer, but I helped design and implement the landscape in front of the new Fannin County courthouse in Blue Ridge, Georgia with my Master Gardeners. The best part of it was I got to play with one of those enormous backhoes with a front dump. I didn't get to drive it, but I did get to direct it, and that was a FUN toy!!

4 Movies I could watch over and over
Yeah, Sleepless in Seattle is great
Somewhere in Time (when I need a good cry)
Finding Nemo (an absolutely Perfectly done movie in my opinion)
Valley Girl - I'm a geek, I admit, and oh, was Cage a hottie when he was young or what? And the music ROCKS!

4 Places I have lived (apart from where I live now)
A log cabin in the north Georgia mountains
A 1932 bungalow in Chattaboogie, TN (I loved that house.)
A cool old apartment in downtown Chattanooga (was a brothel before it was fixed up!)
An apartment in Paris for a summer as an exchange student - yeah, that was cool.

4 TV shows I love
Desparate Housewives

4 Places I have been for vacation
The best: Honeymoon safari in Africa. You can see pics online HERE
Completely rockin: Paris, and the surrounding areas
Snowmobiling through Yellowstone
St. George's Island, Appalachicola

Websites I visit every day
Jacketflap - megablogs
Maybe not every day, but a lot: Illustration Friday
SCBWI Message Boards
Most of my message boards come in to my email account though, like the

4 Favorite foods:
Thai anything
Home-made macaroni and cheese
Good chocolate
Yeah, me too on the gyros

4 Places I would rather be:
Hm, I'm in one of 'em - I love my office
Paris, of course
I'd love to go back to Africa
Beach, I'm in desparate need of a beach. I'm not picky about which one.

4 People I am tagging - bwahahaha!!
John Nez
Liz Conrad
Paige Keiser
Janee Trasler
Oops! Had to update this list because not all my friends have blogs!! Wassup widdat???



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