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My Articles:
     How Do I Get Published?
     Creating Picture Book Dummies
     Hiring An Illustrator For Your Book
     Continuing Education - MFA style (as seen in the SCBWI Bulletin)
     Editions vs. Printings (as seen in the SCBWI Bulletin)
     Guest Dispatch (on being a Southern Writer)
     An In-Depth Interview
     Lula's Brew: From App to Print (as seen in the SCBWI Bulletin)
     My 1st Picture Book App
     Marketing - The Snowball Effect
     Illuminating Color
     Illustrating Self Published Books (How to Protect Yourself)
     FAQs - frequently asked questions
     Drawing Success
     Blog Book Tours
     Present Your Portfolio Like a Pro
     Build an Easy Website
     Web Design - a beginner's guide
     Painting With Pixels
My Blog Posts on Method:
     10 Ways to Protect Your Art Online
     Technology and Reading - What the Future Holds
     How to Host a Virtual Visit
     The Evolution of Identity (for illustrators)
     Tips on Speaking Engagements
     Creating Bookmarks
     Advertising with Postcards
     Following Your Statistics
     My Studio
     My studio - Video Tour
     My Illustration Method
     How I Do Public Demonstration Drawings

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Friends In the Biz
Jacketflap (Children's Book Publishers Guide)
Jacketflap (Children's Book Industry Blogs)
Links to Great Writing and
     Creating Picture Books Advice

Great tips on Picture Book construction at:
How to Make a Storyboard (by Uri Shulevitz)
Links to Support Organizations & Guilds
Links to Illustration Advice
     and Free Portfolio Sites

Links to Children's Print and E-zine Magazines
     and some Trade Magazines

Links to Picture Book Art Museums & Galleries
The First Amendment First Aid Kit,
     care of Random House

HarperCollins Careers, a fantastic resource
     to learn more about the industry

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