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Sure, my books are available at the big chain stores like Barnes & Noble and Amazon,
even through iTunes/Apple, but how about buying my books at your local independent bookseller and
supporting your community while you're at it? Try some of these:

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Coloring Page Tuesdays!
     Going on a trip? Need an easy resource for your school or library? The Coloring Page Tuesdays collections, "I Love to Read!", "Fun Stuff!", and "Holidays!" are now available as bona fide coloring books with over 20 coloring pages in each. Click the cover to buy a copy through Lulu.com for $7.50 plus shipping or $5.00 to download as .pdf's.
     "I Love to Read!" covers book-themed and back-to-school subjects. "Fun Stuff!" is all the general stuff like happy animals, robots, ballet, etc. And "Holidays" covers all major holidays and some minor ones, including birthdays, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Earth Day. Enjoy!
by Elizabeth O. Dulemba
Lucky Trolls are original hand-sculpted and painted pieces standing on average 2" to 2 1/2" tall.
There are more than these, so click one to visit my ETSY STORE.
(Roll over an image to see it from behind.)
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Every now and then a coloring page begs to be on t-shirts and buttons and bags and...
Here's where I make them available to you!

Love the World You're On...


See something you'd like to have framed on your wall?
Signed, limited edition prints are available. Click to inquire...

Prints Now Available


     For all my Coloring Page Tuesday and stamping fans...I am proud to announce the launch of my exclusive line of cling stamps brought to you by the awesome JustRite Stampers. A few of the images will be familiar (although they now have fun extras), but most will be brand new images available only as cling stamps!
     Just look for my logo on the JustRite packaging at your favorite stamp or craft store or visit their website at JustRite Stampers!
     CLICK HERE to read the big TA-DA!!! on the JustRite Blog

Click a stamp set below to purchase it through JustRite Stampers
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