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Books on Pricing
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The Association of Illustrators (AOI) is a great organisation that provides the possibility to ask for advice when quoting for a job. Society of Illustrators (based in New York City)

Things to consider when quoting:
-size of the job
-size of the client
-complexity of the job
-use of the artwork
-geographic regions it will be used
-amount of time it will be used

Picture Books
$10,000 to $25,000 advance plus 6% royalty and at least 10 copies of the book.
NOTE: Royalties should be calculated on the retail price (the price of the book on the shelves). If calculated on Net receipts then it should be higher.

Editorial illustrations
Spot $200 - 275
Quarter page $275
Half page $300 - 550
Full page $450 - 700
Double page $600 - 775
Cover $1000 - 1500

Per Will Terry:
Textbooks $800 - $4,000
Editorial $100 - $1500
Children's Books $1000 - $12,000

Flat fee textile designs range from around $500-700.00 per design
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