Elizabeth Dulemba

Here is a running list of the creators (by their first names) I've interviewed or
who have contributed guest posts to my blog over the years.
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Aaron Becker, Quest
Aaron Reynolds and Jeremy Tankard, Here Comes Destructosaurus!
Adam Rex, Moonday
Adi Rule, Strange Sweet Song
AJ Smith, Even Monsters
Alan Gratz, Something Rotten
Alison Ashley Formento, This Tree Counts
Alison Formento, These Seas Count
Amanda Noll, I Need My Monster
Ammi-Joan Paquette, Ghost in the House
Amy Herrick, The Time Fetch
Amy Timberlake, One Came Home
Ann Bonwill and Stephen Gammell, The Frazzle Family
Anna Levine, Freefall
Anna Staniszewski, The Prank List
Anne Ylvisaker, The Curse of the Buttons
Ashley Wolff, Baby Bear Counts One
Barbara Johansen Newman, Tex & Sugar
Barney Saltzberg, Arlo Needs Glasses
Barney Saltzberg, Chengdu
Benjamin Chaud, The Bear's Song
Betsy Bird and Julie Danielson, Wild Things
Bil Lepp and David Wenzel, The King of Little Things
Billy Collins and Karen Romagna, Voyage
Birgitta Sif, Oliver
Brianne Farley, Ike's Incredible Ink
Candice Ransom, Iva Honeysuckle Meets Her Match
Candy Fleming, The Family Romanov
Chantel Acevedo, A Falling Star
Chuck Galey, Rock n' Roll Dogs
Chris Raschka, A Child's Christmas in Wales
Chris Van Dusen and Mac Barnett, President Taft is Stuck in the Bath
Claudia Mills, Zero Tolerance
Clotilde Perrin, At the Same Moment Around the World
Connah Brecon, Frank!
Courtney Pippin Mathur, Maya Was Grumpy
Darcy Pattison & Kathleen Rietz, Prairie Storms
Dashka Slater & Valeria Docampo, Dangerously Ever After
David Ezra Stein, Because Amelia Smiled
David Ezra Stein, I'm my own dog
David Merveille, Hello, Mr. Hulot
David Opie, Dozer's Run
David Zeltser, Lug: Dawn of the Ice Age
Debbie Ridpath Ohi, I'm Bored
Deborah Halverson, Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies
Deborah Wiles, Revolution
Derek Munson, Bad Dad
Dianne de las Casas, Several titles
Donna Gephart, Death by Toilet Paper
Donny Seagraves, Gone From These Woods
Doreen Rappaport, To Dare Mighty Things
Dori Hillestad Butler, Haunted Library
Dotti Enderle, Grandpa for Sale
Elizabeth Bluemle and G. Brian Karas, Tap Tap Boom Boom
Emma Dodd, Forever
Eric Kimmel, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins
Eric Velasquez, Ol' Clip-Clop
Erzsi Deak and Doug Cushman, Pumpkin Time
Esther Hershenhorn, S is for Story
Eugene Yelchin, Arcady's Goal
Francesca Yarbusova, Russian Illustrator
Gail Karwoski, When Hurricane Katrina Hit Home
Heather Montgomery, Wild Discoveries Wacky New Animals
Hester Bass, Secret World of Walter Anderson
Hervé Tullet, Mix it Up!
Irene Latham, Dear Wandering Wildebeest
Irene Latham, Leaving Gee's Bend
Jackson Pearce (as J. Nelle Patrick), Tsarina
Jan Pinborough & Debby Atwell, Miss Moore Thought Otherwise
Janice Hardy, Planning Your Novel
Janeen Mason, Gift of the Magpie
Janet Fox, Sirens
Janni Lee Simner, Faerie Winter
Jen Corace and Mac Barnett, Telephone
Jennifer Jabaley, Crush Control
Jennifer Jabaley, Lipstick Apology
Jennifer K. Mann, Two Speckled Eggs
Jessica Young, My Blue is Happy
Jim Averbeck, Oh No Little Dragon!
Jo S. Kittinger, Rosa's Bus
Joan Holub, Melissa Sweet, Little Red Writing
Joe Kulka, Wolf's Coming!
John Rocco, Blackout
John Rocco, Blizzard
John Rocco & Jason Carter Eaton, How To Train a Train
John Shelley, Stone Giant
John Shelley, Marion Dane Bauer, Halloween Forest
Jon Barrett, The Goon Holler Guidebook
Jon Klassen, I Want My Hat Back
Jon Klassen, This is Not My Hat
Jon Nez, Peter Panda Melts Down!
John Martz, A Cat Named Tim
Judy Schachner, Skippyjon Jones
Julie Mata, Kate Walden Directs
Kaleb Nation, Bran Hambric
Karen Lee, My Even Day
Karen Lee, My Half Day
Katie Davis, Dancing With the Devil
Katie Davis, Little Chicken's Big Christmas
Katie Davis, Little Chicken's Big Day
Kerry Madden, Louisiana's Song
Kerry Madden-Lunsford and Lucy Madden-Lunsford, Nothing Fancy
Kim Norman, Crocodaddy
Kim Norman, Jack of All Tails
Kirby Larson, Hattie Ever After
Kirby Larson, Nubs
Kirby Larson, Two Bobbies
Kristi Valiant, Penguin Cha-cha
Kristi Valient, Cora Cooks Pancit
Kristin O'Donnell Tubb, Selling Hope
Laura Purdie Salas, A Leaf Can Be
Laura Roach Dragon, Hurricane Boy
Laurel Snyder, Any Which Wall
Laurie Thompson, Be a Changemaker
Laurn L. Wohl, The Eighth Menorah
Leslie Muir, Barry B. Wary
Leslie Muir, Gibbus Moony Wants to Bite You!
Leslie Muir, The Little Bitty Bakery
Leslye Walton, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender
Linda Bleck, Santa's Hat
Lisa Rojany Buccierei, Writing Children's Books for Dummies
Lizi Boyd, Flashlight
Lois Brandt and Vin Vogel, Maddie's Fridge
Lola Schaefer, Just One Bite
Lola Schaefer, Lifetime
Loralee Leavitt, Candy Experiments
Loretta Ellsworth, in a Heartbeat
Loreen Leedy, Jack & the Hungry Giant
Lynn Cullen, Mrs. Poe
Mary Ann Fraser, Ogg and Bob
Melissa Guion, Baby Penguins Everywhere!
Melissa Guion, Baby Penguins Love Their Mama!
Micah Player, Lately Lily
Michael Arndt, Cat Says Meow
Michele Knudsen, Dragon of Trelian
Michelle Knudsen, Evil Librarian
Michelle Knudsen and Scott Magoon, Big Mean Mike
Michelle Knudsen, Argus
Mike Wohnoutka, Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster
Miriam Glassman, Call Me Oklahoma!
Molly Idle, Flora and the Flamingo
Molly Idle, Flora and the Penguin
Molly Idle, Zombelina
Natasha Wing, The Night Before My Birthday
Nate Evans, Bang! Boom! Roar!
Nathaniel Lachenmeyer, The Origami Master
Pamela Zagarenski, Sleep Like a Tiger
Pat Zietlow Miller, Sophie's Squash
Patricia Hruby Powell, Josephine
Peggy Collins, In the Garden
Penny Warner, Code Busters
Peter Reynolds, The Smallest Gift of Christmas
Peter Salomon, All Those Broken Angels
Raphael Urwiller and Mayumi Otero, Issun Boshi
Rashin, Two Parrots
Rebecca Dudley, Hank Has An Egg
Rhoda Levine
Rob McClurkan, Aw, Nuts!
Ruth McNally Barshaw, Ellie McDoodle
Sally Wern Comport, Hanging Off Jefferson's Nose
Sara St. Antoine, Three Bird Summer
Sarah C. Campbell, Growing Patterns
Sarah C. Campbell, Mysterious Patterns
Sarah Dillard, Extraordinary Warren
Sarah Dillard, Perfectly Arugula
Sarah Frances Hardy, Paint Me
Sarah Frances Hardy, Puzzled by Pink
Shadra Strickland, Please, Louise
Shirley Parenteau, Ship of Dolls
Simon Tofield, Simon's Cat vs. The World
S.P. Gates, The Monster in the Mudball
S.P. Gates, Durham Heritage Coast
Sue Ganz-Schmitt and Shane Prigmore, Planet Kindergarten
Susan Nees, Missy
Susan Rosson Spain, The Deep Cut
Steve Light, Zephyr Takes Flight
Ted and Betsy Lewin
Tedd Arnold, Dirty Gert
Terra Elan McVoy, In Deep
Terry Pierce, Blackberry Banquet
Tina Nichols Coury, Hanging Off Jefferson's Nose
Todd Strasser, No Place
Tom Angleberger/Cece Bell, Crankee Doodle
Tom Brenner, And Then Comes Christmas
Tom Goldsmith, Ben & Zip
Vicky Alvear Shecter, Anubis Speaks!
Vicky Alvear Shecter, Cleopatra Rules
Vicky Alvear Shecter, Cleopatra's Moon
Vicky Alvear Shecter, Curses and Smoke: a Novel of Pompeii
Vicky Alvear Shecter, Hades Speaks
Will Terry, Skeleton for Dinner
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