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Friday, August 11, 2006

Illustration Friday: Play

We all have our own ideas of what play is. Some of us have a much quieter idea of fun.
This is from my story "Queen Bea." To see a larger version, click HERE.



Liz Jones said...

Love it! I've got a kid like that! :o)

10:33 AM  
Anonymous said...

really nice!

10:40 AM  
JO said...

Lovely illo.

11:06 AM  
ShigueS said...

I loved the style and colors. Very nice illumination!

11:12 AM  
ilustricia said...

This is adorable! I love the light and the characters :-*

1:24 PM  
miss m said...

wow, beautiful...

1:45 PM  
claudine hellmuth said...

great illo!!

2:15 PM  
LudaChristian said...

great lighting... i feel like the sun's allllmost ready to go down.

2:42 PM  
Lady Guedes said...

You are good!

4:57 PM  
neilornstein said...

beautiful composition and style.

5:11 PM  
Scott W said...


5:23 PM  
Janet said...

I like it!!!

10:08 PM  
michael dailey said...

lov the look to this and her expresion is wonderful

10:10 AM  
Don said...

No reason this can't BEE a form of play.... just keep those nets on. I like the style.

8:49 PM  
untamechildofnature said...

I love honey.Interesting!

12:33 PM  
MiJa said...

This is beautiful and fun! I love that you show learning can be fun!

1:02 PM  
Naru said...

well done. beautiful!

2:57 PM  
Michele Melcher Illustration said...

Love the colors, the light and composition. Oh, and the subject matter aint to shabby to boot! Nice!

11:44 AM  
Jay said...

Great bee farm illo, but not my idea of play. Thanks for making me think!

9:09 PM  

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