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Saturday, March 10, 2007


     Hubbie and I saw blues artist Keb'Mo' at Symphony Hall last night.
     I didn't know that much about Keb'Mo' other than hearing some of his music on my fave station out of Chattanooga, 88.1 (I listen to my favorite D.J., Richard Winham, via streaming radio). Anyhow, I just had the feeling he would put on a great show, and boy was I right.
     Have you ever met somebody who opens their mouth and pure magic flows out? This lanky, unassuming guy is so full of talent he doesn't even have to think about it. (True talent vs. the American Idol variety.)
     He's actually going to make a great old guy. He's so laid back and casual as all this wonderful stuff pours out of him, but he has this smirk he flashes at the last minute letting you know you better not underestimate him. It's obvious he loves what he's doing, he just seems so darned content.
     And his blues style is remarkably accessible, even to those who aren't true blues fanatics. You can hear samples of his music at the Keb'Mo' website.
     If you get the chance to see Keb'Mo' in your town - don't miss him!



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