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written by Keith Polette
illustrated by Elizabeth O. Dulemba
Raven Tree Press
CBC Magazine's Hot Off the Press list, March 2008 Buy the book - click the cover
Trade Picture Book
   Bilingual Hardcover ISBN# 978-0-9770906-2-4
   Bilingual Paperback ISBN# 978-0-9794462-3-8
   English Paperback = ISBN# 978-1932748994
   English Hardcover = ISBN# 978-1932748987
   Spanish Paperback = ISBN# 978-1932748970
   Spanish Hardcover = ISBN# 978-1932748963

   Paco takes the familiar "Jack and the Beanstalk" tale and gives it more than a few new twists. Told as a fractured fairy tale, our hero, Jack, is now called Paco, and the story takes place in a beautiful desert setting in the American Southwest.
   The story is presented as an English text with embedded Spanish in rojo. A vocabulary page is included to jump start learning in either language.

News Flash! Paco is now available as a Ripple Read to Me Book. Record your own voice reading the story and share it online with those you love near and far.
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Multi-grain tortillas
Low Fat Cream Cheese (softened)
Chile salsa (mild)
Sliced jalapenos (optional)

Rubber spatula
Serrated plastic knife

     Microwave a tortilla on high for five seconds to make it easier to work with then lay it flat on your work surface. With your rubber spatula, spread cream cheese onto the tortilla all the way to the edges.
     Try to get as little liquid as possible and spoon a stripe of salsa onto the tortilla.
     Roll the tortilla as tightly as you can.
     With an adult's help, use a serrated plastic knife to gently cut the roll into pieces. (The end pieces probably won't hold together, so you'll have to eat those.)
     Place the pieces on end on a serving plate. If you're really brave, place a slice of jalapeño on top. (Watch out, jalapeños are hot!)
     Serve and enjoy!

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