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     íHola Todo! It's time for another newsletter because I have more good news to share! You know how 2007 was the B.I.C.* year? Well, all that hard work is paying off in 2008. My two latest books have just been released. They're the first two in a series by author Stacey Kaye and they're based on a very groovy concept of condensing all those enormous good-parenting bibles into picture books you can share with your children. I'm illustrating the third in the series right now due out in 2009.
     So, without further ado, allow me to introduce . . .

The Language of Positive Parenting
written by Stacey Kaye, illustrated by Elizabeth O. Dulemba
Free Spirit Publishing, June 2008
     ParentSmart/KidHappy is a series of kid-friendly picture books that use stories about families dealing with common parent-child struggles - such as going to bed and getting ready in the morning - to model positive parenting techniques. To learn more and watch an interview with the series' creator, Stacey Kaye, go to To download free ParentSmart/KidHappy wallpaper for your computer, go to

In Other News...
     Our 1st Annual SCBWI Southern Breeze Children's Book Illustrator's Show was an enormous success. So much so, the Southern Art Federation is putting a proposal together for their constituents to raise funding to make it a traveling show for two years - wowsa! I'll keep you posted as this moves forward.
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     I appreciate your continued interest in the milestones in this crazy career of mine and hope you'll invite your friends and family to learn more about my books and enjoy my free downloads by sending them to the link below!
Thanks Y'all!

* B.I.C. - Butt In Chair

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