Elizabeth Dulemba

Lose Something?
Acts of Kindness in Edinburgh
(and elsewhere)
by Elizabeth O Dulemba

     My husband and I moved to Edinburgh in August 2015 so that I could pursue an MFA in Illustration at the University of Edinburgh College of Art. My first winter in Edinburgh wasn't nearly as dire as I'd been warned. Even so, as the weather grew cold, people bundled up in layers of sweaters, hats, scarves, and gloves. With all those separate pieces, a few were inevitably dropped and accidentally left behind. That's when I began to notice the most charming acts of kindness. As evidenced by my photographs, people pick up those dropped and lost items and place them on window sills, sidewalks and fence tines in the hopes that owners might pass that way again and retrieve their lost items. The first time I saw this, I thought it was sweet. By the fifth time I saw it in varying parts of the city, I knew it to be a thing, and a visible act of kindness. As a result, it's become my habit to take pictures of these these lost and rescued items. It makes me happy when I find them, and I hope it makes others happy as I share them on my Instagram page. There are over 100 images so far, and I keep adding to the collection—especially as we head into winter once more!
It's gone viral: gloves from friends
     All Artwork © Elizabeth O. Dulemba -  Y'all play nice, Okay?