Elizabeth Dulemba



     • MFA Supervision four MFA students, two have graduated
     • Picture Book Design (summers, 2020, 2021): from thumbnails to finished book dummies suitable for submission to publishing houses
     • Children’s Book Drawing Fundamentals (summer 2023): MALS program
     • Creative Writing, PBs to YA (summer 2022): Children’s literature, genre specifics, and writing fundamentals
     • The Figure of the Goddess (summer 2022): Seminar on the Goddess in history and literature
     • World Building (spring 2022): Creating landscapes, cities, interiors, and prop design for children’s books, working with atmospheric perspective, depth, layering, and some Virtual Reality (VR)

     • BFA Senior Capstone Student Supervisor all illustration students
     • Persuasion and Propaganda (spring 2021, 2023): Social commentary image-making: screen printing, linocut, block printing, mural, poster and fabric design (curriculum change in 2023)
     • Character Design (spring 2021, 2023): Creating believable and fully realized characters for various media applications
     • Illustrating Children’s Books (fall 2020, 2022): design, illustrate, write, history of fairy and folk tales, industry
     • Design Drawing II (spring 2020, 2021, 2023): Still life and landscape drawing, recreating 3-d volume in 2-d space with perspective, shading
     • Animation 1 (fall 2022): New course. Basics of animation techniques and history of animation. Traditional, stop motion, and digital 2-D animation
     • World Building (spring 2022): New course. Creating landscapes, cities, interiors, and prop design for gaming, animation, and general illustration purposes, working with atmospheric perspective, depth, layering, and some Virtual Reality (VR)
     • Narrative and Editorial (spring 2020, fall 2022): collaborative murals, stamps, beer labels, billboards, repeat patterns for textile design
     • Animation/Motion Graphics/Multimedia Design (spring 2022): Social media assets, self-promo videos and promotions, kinetic type with light image animation
     • Creature Design: Comparative Anatomy (fall 2021) – animal anatomy from realism to fantasy for products like Wizards of the Coast, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, etc.
     • Creating Graphic Novels (fall 2021): Scripting, thumbnailing, word bubbles, panel framing, sequencing, cover design, mock-ups, pen and ink rendering
     • Figure Drawing (fall 2020, 2021, 2022): mastering the human form, focus on diverse body types
     • The Costumed Figure (spring 2020): oil painting techniques, render cloth and costumed figure
     • Design Drawing I (fall 2019): fundamentals of strong draftsmanship employing the Golden Ratio, composition, values, pen and ink, isometric and perspective drawing, layering
     • Beginning and Advanced Illustration (University of Georgia) – two courses

     • Writing historical fiction
     • Putting Your Pictures on the Page
     • Directing the Viewer’s Eye
     • Nuts and Bolts of Publishing
     • Picture Book Trends
     • How Color Works
     • Chalk talks on my creative process

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