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Saturday, December 01, 2007

     As you have probably guessed, I am completely obsessed with books – their writers, their illustrators, their creators, the process, everything. So, while I illustrate I am often either listening to an audiobook, listening or watching authors at book festivals and signings, or following book trailers.
     Well, this is my latest discovery, These are book trailers (mostly adult books vs. children's lit) which seem to be more focused on the authors than the actual stories within the books. Most are interesting and fun to see. However, this one with wrestler Chris Jericho is a complete kick in the pants - hilarious! If it weren't for the mile high stack of YA's next to my bed, I'd be sorely tempted to read his book.
     I couldn't get the embed to work, so swallow your coca-cola (I warn you - you're screen will be a mess if you don't), then go take a gander.



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