Elizabeth Dulemba


     Elizabeth has decades of industry experience as an award-winning author, illustrator, teacher, and speaker. She is happy to look at your portfolio or picturebook manuscript and offer suggestions on how to strengthen your work and personal representation. Experience with critiques is suggested as "e" will give you her honest opinion, which can be off-putting to beginners. An invoice will be provided and payments will be required in advance via Paypal.
Portfolios will be viewed in-person, online, or via Zoom and written or verbal feedback will be offered with suggestions for improvement. $250/hour

Picturebook manuscripts will receive a detailed one-pass line edit with suggestions for improvement. $250/hour

Website critiques consist of feedback via Zoom or a written summary. $250/hour

"I met with E to discuss how to better promote myself as an illustrator. I walked into the meeting not sure how to move forward and walked away feeling like I had a solid plan of action that I could implement immediately. I got a portfolio critique, followed by us taking a quick look at my website and discussing how to make it more 'me.' She helped me decide which of my illustrations was best suited for my first postcard to send to publishers, and laid out things I should be doing on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to help get my illustration career off the ground. The meeting was short, but it was perfect as such - E is quick, easy to talk to, knows the industry, and was genuinely interested in helping me succeed. Her guidance and confidence in me has been greatly appreciated."
                —Lucy Rowe, MFA student, Hollins University

"Working with E in my second year as a graduate student at Hollins created a positive impact on my work. During in-class critiques she gently guided and provoked thoughtfulness. She made me raise questions about why I chose certain colors, or why I placed objects where I did. She helped me to become more mindful of the anatomy in my human figures, and contributed to the narrative quality in my work. To this day, whenever I choose a shade of aqua, peach, or lavender, for a sky, I think of E because every choice made in an image is deliberate. My work now carries her voice layered into my watercolor glazes."
                — Rebekah Lowell, MFA student, Hollins University

"I enjoy Elizabeth's style of communication a lot, much of her advice is presented as an open-ended conversation rather than explicit instruction. I find this style offers me a lot of room to explore and understand what works and what doesn't in my own work, ultimately leading to a more confident creative process...Particularly valuable has been hearing about Elizabeth's own journey and working through imposter syndrome and creative blocks."
                — Nadia Alam, Picture Hooks Buddy Scheme

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