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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Candie Moonshower in town!

I had the pleasure of escorting the author of "The Legend of Zoey," and her friend Karen Carroll, to A Little Shop of Stories recently. She was in town for the Romance Writers of America convention, but her newest book is a young adult novel – she had to meet Diane, the owner of my local independent children's bookstore! We had fun getting lost on the way back to her hotel, which ended up creating a wonderful tour of downtown Atlanta. (I'm still figuring out the roads around here.) Here's me and Candie with her new book:

Turns out Candie and Alan Gratz (author of "Samurai Shortstop") are old writing buddies from Tennessee, so he dropped by with his wife and daughter and we all went out for a late lunch. I love hanging out with my writer friends. What a great time!

MORE: I finished reading "The Legend of Zoey" and highly recommend it! In fact, I couldn't put it down. Zoey travels back in time to the days of earthquakes in West Tennessee. There she meets Prudence, and the story is told from their points of view back and forth. It's educational, interesting, well-done, and Highly entertaining!



Candie Moonshower said...

Hey Elizabeth! It was my pleasure to be lost in Atlanta with you--which didn't feel like "lost" at all because the company was so great! Thanks so much for your kindness in transporting Karen and I out to A Little Shop of Stories (waving to Diane) and the fun get-together with Alan and family! I look forward to hanging with you again! XO Candie

9:23 AM  

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