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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lunch with Liz

     It's what keeps me sane, lunch with friends. Working from home, it's often my only social contact. I get a bit o' cabin fever, y'know. Not to mention, I have so many interesting writer and illustrator friends close by now (since we left the mountains). I love talking the biz with such talented people.
     Today I had my monthly lunch with illustrator Liz Conrad. She has an incredible 3-D style, cut paper. She says she has callouses on her fingertips from working with an X-acto blade so much. I've got to watch her work someday. I imagine she weilds that thing as easily as I do a pencil. Her method is just more . . . dangerous.
     Anyhow, had to share the piece she did for Illustration Friday's "Quiet" theme. Ain't it Great!?

     We're teaming up as roomies for the upcoming SCBWI Southern Breeze Fall Conference. It's going to be a blast!



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