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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Bird has flown the coup

     Just got an email from my agent. My first novel, "A Bird on Water Street," went out to publishers Friday. All I can say is, Weehaaa!!! And Ee Gaads. And I'm a nervous wreck!
     A friend said I shouldn't be a nervous wreck yet - more like a few weeks from now when we might actually start hearing responses.
     I tell ya - this business moves slower than molasses in winter. But once things are out there, it's like jumping off a cliff. Will you fly? Will you crash and burn? You just don't know. It's a heckofa ride.

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Lisa Jacobi said...

We're pulling for you, E. You are the most talented artist we know.. and such a good writer. Congratulations from up "har" in the mountains.

12:00 PM  
"e" said...

Thanks Lisa! Been missin' Pickin' in the Park!

9:46 AM  

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