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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Art Pad! Go Play:

     Remember when this was the best you could get from THE best graphics programs on the THE most powerful computers? Well, now you can go doodle with style on a website! So groovy, you gotta try it! (Click the image.)

     Oh, I couldn't resist. I tried to actually draw something. The cool thing is, you can go back and "play" your drawing! I couldn't figure out how to save the animation in a way to link to it unfortunately. If you come across this one in the "fantasy gallery," it's mine.
     Y'all send me some of your creations!!



gail said...

Nice job with your monster. I played around on this site a while ago, but only did a Jackson Polluck imitation. I'll have to give it another try. It's cool!


10:03 AM  

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