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Friday, May 25, 2007

Maura O'Connell!

     Hubbie and I went to see Maura O'Connell at Eddie's Attic last night. She's an Irish folk singer and wow, what a voice. Her singing is soulful, painful, beautiful and pure.
     I first discovered her about twelve (or more?) years ago in Chattanooga, Tennessee during the Riverbend Festival and became an instant fan.
     Turned out hubbie heard about her even earlier. When we married and combined our music libraries, we had several duplicates of Muara's music.
     I always get inspired during concerts like hers. Between the music and the people watching, I had to pull out one of my bookmarks and scribble down thoughts: "There's a hole in my pocket and I lost my rainbow. I lost my dog and my lucky penny but I kept my dime. . . . You make me matter . . . He was uncomfortable with the width that made him man. If he'd been born right, he'd have been narrow, petite, leaving little impact on the world . . . "
     What do these mean? I have no idea. And yes, a lovely buzz is probably due some of the credit.
     Hubbie and I are both out of town this weekend. I'm teaching "Creating Picture Books" at John C. Campbell (more on that later) and hubbie's out on his motorcycle again! (Apparently the eight day riding vacation last week wasn't enough.) So we celebrated date night a bit early. What a great evening!



Laura Salas said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Elaine at Wild Rose Reader tagged me for a meme, and now I'm tagging you. You can see the details at Wordy Girls:

Also, hearing live music always pushes my creative buttons, too! I always feel like if they can expose themselves like that, I can too. Love the rainbow/pocket line!


8:57 AM  

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