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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The "eyes" have it

Well pooie.
     I'm reaching that point in life where the eyes don't focus as quickly, and sometimes not at all. I wear glasses for reading and working on my computer, but I've been wearing them more and more and suspected I might need a different prescription.
     Last night, my wondering was confirmed. The eye doc is putting me in progressive lenses (called bi-focals in our parent's days). And he says I'll be wearing them all the time. What!?
     Okay, I love the opportunity for a new fashion accessory, must admit, but the idea that I actually need these things all the time kinda freaks me out.
     I know many of you have probably worn glasses forever, even contacts, but this whole thing is rather new to me. I mean, where's my free will? Where's my choice? Why, oh why, are my eyes being so ornery?
     It's a little spooky too. You don't realize what you take for granted and all that. Between reading, writing, and illustrating, I lean on these puppies pretty heavily. I need to take good care of them . . . and apparently, now I get to decorate them too.



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