August 26, 2014
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bear Build A Book!
     Teachers, are you talking to your students about writing? Do they wonder what elements go into the creation of a book, both creatively and logistically? This week's image could be a great kick-off to that discussion!
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National Book Festival!
A BIRD ON WATER STREET will be THE featured title for the state of Georgia at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. this weekend. I won't be there, but if you go, will you please check it out and send me a photo? Thanks!


This year at the Decatur Book Festival I'll be speaking on a panel of mid-grade authors with the illustrious Deborah Wiles (REVOLUTION) and Tommy Hays (WHAT I CAME TO TELL YOU). (I'll share A BIRD ON WATER STREET, of course.)
     We'll be on the Children's Stage at 3:45 on Sunday. Our panel is called "Southern Drawl" (because we're all Southern writers) and it will be moderated by my friend, Vicky Alvear Shecter!
      But that's not all!!
      I'll also be moderating a panel myself on Saturday at 11:30am called "All in the Family." I'll interview two creative couples - James and Kimberly Dean of 'Pete the Cat' fame, and Frank Morrison and Connie Schofield-Morrison of I GOT THE RHYTHM.
So please come Saturday or Sunday or both and I look forward to seeing you there!

This week's picture book INTERVIEW and GIVEAWAY is:

MADDI'S FRIDGE by Vois Brandt and Vin Vogel

     There's a quiet problem in our country...hunger. What's a kid to do when she discovers her best friend's refrigerator is nearly empty, and that she doesn't drink the milk because she is saving it for her little brother? What's that same kid to do when she promised her best friend that she wouldn't tell anybody about it?
      MADDI'S FRIDGE written by Lois Brandt and illustrated by Vin Vogel addresses the issue in a light-handed way, through a delightful story of friendship. CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway.
     Must live in the US or Canada to win. Review and winning copy provided by the publisher and/or author.
This week's novel GUEST POST and GIVEAWAY is:

IN DEEP by Terra Elan McVoy

     Terra Elan McVoy is a book hero in my neighborhood. Not only has she helped run the Decatur Book Festival (next weekend!) and our local children's bookstore, Little Shop of Stories, I've had the great pleasure to watch her writing career take off and blossom into a book-a-year phenomenon. So, I'm thrilled to help promote her latest (6th) novel, IN DEEP. Terra stopped by to talk about it... and you could win a free copy! CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway and read the guest post.
     Must live in the US or Canada to win. Review and winning copy provided by the publisher and/or author.
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Video of the Day...

60 Minutes recently ran a piece that hits pretty close to home. It was a story about New Yorker Magazine cartoon editor Bob Mankoff. He's the decider of which cartoons get run in the magazine. What I found most interesting were the cartoonists who went on camera while Bob went through their submissions. Nope, nope, not a fit, won't work in the magazine, I don't get it.... Ouch. It looked an awful lot like the children's publishing industry. A lot of rejection with just enough wins to keep you in the game. Although as any creator will tell you, you pretty much can't stop creating whether the door is open to you or not. At any rate, it's a very interesting piece... Click the image to go watch on

Card Makers and Colorers!
     Each week I like to feature a card or coloring page created by one of YOU using one of my images that has been uploaded to my gallery.
     Vicky created this lovely card using my Garden Fairy. I always loved this image, and I love what she's done with it!
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I've been doing research for my current work in progress novel, which will end up in Fairhope, Alabama. My family down there insisted I read Fannie Flagg's A REDBIRD CHRISTMAS before I write another word. I'm so glad they did! What a charming, lovely story!! I highly recommend it.

      I'm still reading A FALLING STAR by Chantel Acevedo. Chantel is from Cuba, and this is the story about a young daughter of immigrants. She's a beautiful writer, and I'm already getting sucked in.

     I'm going to be on a panel at the Decatur Book Festival with Deborah Wiles, so I'm also reading her latest - REVOLUTION. So far, I'm loving it and think it should be required reading in all schools!

"Fiction is a lie, and good fiction is the truth inside the lie."
               ~ Stephen King

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Chuck Leavell!
Monday night, Stan and I went to see Chuck Leavell (keyboardist for the Rolling Stones, the Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, and many more) speak at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
     Wait... did I say speak? I did! Chuck is known for his strong environmentalism and expertise in responsible tree farming and land stewardship, and he's promoting his latest book, GROWING A BETTER AMERICA. Until that email from the Botanical Garden about him speaking, I had no idea!
     I started doing some research and discovered that he's a life long Georgia boy and even owns a tree farm in south Georgia. So what do I do? I email him! Why not? Even famous people are people after all. I told him about A BIRD ON WATER STREET and offered to send him a free copy. What better book could there be for a true tree-lover, after all? That was my reasoning at any rate.
     Dang if he didn't email me right back and offered a trade for a book of his own! Y'know why? Because he's just a darned nice guy. That's why. Fame can turn people into well... not nice, or it can bring out their humanity and kindness. After his kind email and hearing Chuck talk on Monday, I'm happy to say he is of the latter set.
     He was passionate about his topic, and of course shared stories of Mick and Keith and Charlie and Ronnie. And happily, he did play a few songs on his keyboard, ending with Georgia. *le sigh* 'Twas perfect.
     That man can TEAR UP a keyboard! Seriously, it's why I quit taking lessons oh so long ago. I knew how I wanted to play (like him) and I could tell after ten years of lessons that I didn't have the talent for it. His fingers are the conduit for the music that fills his head - without effort or thought, they sing through those keys. How amazing.
     Afterwards, I introduced myself. He's looking forward to reading my book although it hadn't arrived yet. And he asked me which of his books I'd like the most. I asked for his autobiography as I think Stan will enjoy reading it too, and then I purchased a copy of his picture book The Tree Farmer, which he signed.
     What a pleasure, what a delight, to meet such a great and talented man in the middle of one of the most beautiful gardens in the state. What a perfect evening!
     CLICK HERE to see photos of the Botanical Garden.
The Teacher's Guide with Talking Points for A BIRD ON WATER STREET is now available (CLICK HERE), and it's a good one! Meredith Moran of Little Pickle Press, read my book and not only picked up on the subtle points I thought nobody would catch, she brought up points even I didn't catch! Some of the symbolism she featured wowed my socks off. I hope it will do the same for you and that you'll use it in your classrooms. The book is a great tool to launch discussions about environmental responsibility!
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