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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

An Author's Guide to Children's Book Promotion

I just finished reading AN AUTHOR'S GUIDE TO CHILDREN'S BOOK PROMOTION by Susan Raab of Raab Associates. She is also the author of the "To Market" articles in the SCBWI newsletter.

There is nothing fancy about this book. It is a down and dirty guide to book promotion by a woman who does it for a living. What a fantastic resource. There's no flowery filler, just good information. Gotta love it.



Blogger Nancy Miller said...

Hi E:

It is your friend from Springmingle sending out a shout. I've been meaning to test blogger.com for a bit now, and final got some time to do it. I came across it from another site and thought how cool is this. Then noticed you had a link off your site. Great tip on the book, I've been looking for something related to promoting.

Take care,

2:50 PM  

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