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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hubbie's new blog

     A bike is bought, a blog is born.
     Did I ever mention how hubbie and I met? It was at a BMW motorcycle banquet. Yup. I walked in with my Dad (I used to ride on the back of his bike quite a bit). Hubbie's best friend, Buster, said, "Bob brought his daughter. You need to mingle," and pushed him my way.
     Wheels brought us together, and so I was clear from the start about the man I married. He is a motorcycle rider. Always has been, always will be. When we met, he had three. (His house had no furniture.) He's down to one and that's quite the compromise. But this is his latest - a K1200GT. It's the most technologically advanced motorcycle BMW makes, and hubbie is in love (he used to look at me like that - ha!).
     So, he's wearing out the roads on the weekends, having a blast and looking forward to acheiving his second 100,000 mile certificate.
     I just love seeing hubbie happy.



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