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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pubbers Going Green?

     According to this article at Publishers Weekly, publishers in the UK are considering ways to cut down (sorry) on deforestation by using more recycled paper in their books.
     I'm all for it!
     But I do wonder, if you had the choice between two books, the one you only sort of wanted to read had a "recycled paper" logo and the one you really wanted didn't - which one would you buy? Would it make a difference to you?
     We book lovers tend to be consciencious people when it comes to everything but our books. We scoop 'em up like crazy! (Well, I do anyhow.) Wouldn't it be nice if we could do it with a little less guilt about our impact on the environment?
     The most ethically pleasing job I ever had was creating animations for the Stone Mountain Laser Show. Everything we did was on computers and our final product was light . . . just light cast onto the side of a mountain. The worst damage we were responsible for was the crushed grass from the picknickers blankets.
     I'd love it if publishing could rise to that level of ethical responsibility. Not that I could love books any more than I already do, but well, maybe I could just a little bit.



Jennifer Marie Gerholdt said...

I agree with you that more books should be printed on environmentally responsible paper. I applaud Scholastic for printing the 7th (and last!) Harry Potter book on recycled paper, considering each book gets larger and larger!

The Green Press Initiative ( works hard to create sustainable change in the book industry, and the paper and production industry in general. At the Magazine PAPER Project at Co-op America ( I work with magazine publishers to switch to recycled paper in order to place less pressure on our forests. An incredible number of trees are harvested each year to fuel our paper needs, and it's only by raising awareness of the availability and quality of recycled paper are we going to be even somewhat successful in protecting what little forests remain.

Jennifer Marie Gerholdt
PAPER Project Coordinator

2:31 PM  
karen lee said...

Hiya E,

Your reference to the Laser Show at Stone Mountain being a "green" job cracks me up. My very first freelance job out of art school was a spot for Atlanta Magazine. It was about some people being concerned that moths may be scorching their little wings - even taosting their little furry butts while dodging the beams. Honest!


6:35 PM  

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