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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Reading Tree!

     We have a new independent children's bookstore in the Atlanta metro area - a great big warm welcome to The Reading Tree!
     Rather than being competition to my favorite independent children's bookstore - A Little Shop of Stories now has a new playmate. This is a big city. LSOS covers Decatur and Atlanta proper, but there wasn't an indie servicing the northeast side of town outside the perimeter. The two stores are a good 45 minutes apart (without traffic) which means they have a completely different set of kids anxious to fall in love with books through the hands of booksellers who really know their stuff.
     And let me tell you, Martha, at The Reading Tree, really knows her stuff. The store is bright, cheerful, charming, and stocked full of all the best children's books from today and yesterday. I stopped by this past week to show Martha "Paco and the Giant Chile Plant" and my other books, and what a pleasure it was!
     Between the passionate and inspired staffs of these two stores, I wouldn't be surprised if they turn Atlanta into one of the most literate, well-read cities in the nation. I feel so, so lucky to have such incrible children's book stores and children's book lovers in my area. Boy did I land in the right place!



Blogger elysabeth said...

Oh sounds like so much fun. Two places that kids can kick back and just read until their hearts content. And with Atlanta being as large as it is city wise - you have a lot of areas to be covered just from the perimeters - you probably have to travel quite a bit to the other side of Atlanta but bet there are lots of children's book stores out there. I don't know the area very well but Atlanta is a big hub so I know there have to be lots of book stores around. Closest ones I have are in Anderson (Books-A-Million) or Greenville (several chains but not sure about how many indies there are - Open Book comes to mind - which has a pretty good children's section) and don't have a clue what else is out there.

I'm sure you will be seeing Paco all around different places. Good luc - E :)

2:16 PM  

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