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Friday, May 16, 2008

Illustration Friday: Wide

          I created these wide elephants several years ago when I was first figuring out my medium. It was an early digital experiment which accompanied my dummy, "Hyena Jo." I liked the direction, one friend called it "glowy," and it's how I've worked ever since.



Blogger eyecontact said...

These two are very sweet. (And wide!) :)

1:16 PM  
Blogger sheree said...

such cute elephants

1:19 PM  
Blogger studio lolo said...

"Glowy" What a perfect description of your style. I love these guys!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Glowy - yes, they almost look like they are enameled stoneware elephants! Love the colors.

8:04 PM  
Blogger elysabeth said...

They are so adorable. I was drawn in immediately when I opened the page. You are so wonderfully talented. I can't wait to see what my illustrator does with my books - lol I'm ready to be published I think - E :)

8:49 PM  
Blogger SENTA said...

They are very cute, love the "glowy"-ness

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Carla said...

love the elephants- very "glowy" indeed!

1:52 AM  
Blogger Irma said...

The colors and shading are so great! Really nice!

2:16 PM  
Blogger donna said...

Thanks for posting this, it's great to see the roots of the style :) they do in fact glow!

12:16 PM  
Blogger Tammie Lee said...

I like your elephants, there is a good feeling about them. i like your take on wide.

1:40 AM  
Blogger kamal said...

Hi I am kamal from India. I am an artist too. I work for children books. I have seen you work. It is innovative and great rather fabulous.
I have some coloring pages. If you wish I can upload or post to you for free use.

3:28 AM  
Blogger thedoodlegirl said...

Lovely elephants! I love how you used color. :)

4:59 PM  
Blogger platitudinal said...

Wide is beautiful :)
Their glowiness make them look rather ethereal :D

6:31 PM  

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