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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Buy local, buy books this holiday season!

I wish everyone a warm and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

Tomorrow is Black Friday and Holiday shopping will officially begin. Please consider the impact your purchases have on your favorite industries and your community this holiday season. Indiebound is campaigning to encourage us all to buy books this year. I know I am!



Blogger Annette Laing said...

I'll second that, and it's purely because I'm selfish and grasping. I have a signing tomorrow at the Book and Cranny in Statesboro, GA, and I could use the business. And my books are the environmentally correct choice too: Every copy is individually handcrafted from pecan shells by genuine Georgia gnomes.
Seriously, it's good advice. Kids tend to be underwhelmed with a book gift at first, BUT once the flashy toys are broken or lose their novelty value, the books emerge as the truly memorable and appreciated gifts.

4:17 AM  

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