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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Books - book previews

There has been a lot of stink in the book world over Google's right (or not) to scan books. It's all very complicated and makes my head spin. But I have to say, something like this is a pretty cool way to get the word out about my titles.
     This is Google's new preview feature. And so far my three books in the ParentSmart KidHappy™ series are available. They even include reviews if you click through to view the preview larger online.

     The only thing I don't like is under "Get This Book" they don't connect to Indiebound, offering viewers a way to buy the books from their local independent bookseller. Wassup widdat???
     See the other previews at my ParentSmart Activity Page.

Learn about proper parenting language and the power of choice in, Ready for Bed! , Ready for the Day!, and Ready to Play! - click the covers!



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