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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blog Soup - bunch o' stuff

This was getting silly - I have mucho to share and only so many days in which to share everything, so here's a round-up!

     Horn Book is starting a new free e-newsletter beginning this March. It will cover children's book news and reviews (I imagine something similar to PW Children's Bookshelf), but these guys are top notch, so it's not to be missed! (Click the image to go sign up.)

     Hubbie and I saw Spiderwick last night - and buying our tickets through movieticket.com made it so easy. I didn't know theaters did this, but there were a bunch of free posters available at the will call pick-up counter. So I am now the proud owner of a Spiderwick poster! (I'll have to get Tony and Holly to sign it when they visit my local indie bookstore again.)
     The movie definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. And while I wasn't impressed by the acting, some of the imagery was stunning - especially at the very end. (Click the poster to watch a trailer.)
     But I really enjoyed following Holly's blog and Tony's blog surrounding the whole affair - what a complete wowsa!

     I've now been awarded the "You Make My Day Award" twice by fellow bloggers, Phyllis Harris and Kim Norman. Per the rules, I'm to award five of my spectacular friends. So here we go. These people Make My Day:

Kerry Madden - I know this is a second for her as well, but she had a big announce this week with the release of "Jessie's Mountain"!! And she's having this hilarious contest on her blog for people to send in their old school photos. (I'm in this round - can you pick me out without looking at the names? Gotta luv the teeth.)

Liz Conrad - illustrator extraordinaire. I got a peek at her upcoming books over lunch the other day and they are unbelievably adorable - so y'all keep an eye on her!

Diane Capriola of my favorite indie bookstore, Little Shop of Stories. They have a new blog which I'm having a great time following. Especially when they post my coloring pages or talk about new friends like:

Denene Millner (check out a review for her new YA novel (April), "Hotlanta")!

Sarah Dillard who was just such an awesome roomie at Kindling Words and who is just so danged clever, I can't get over it! She's also hosting me on her blog for my Blog Book Tour next week!

Janee Trasler who is an amazingly strong person and is also one of the awesome interviewers on my Blog Book Tour next week!
That's five, but since I was named twice, I think I get more!!

Barbara Johansen Newman, creator of "Tex & Sugar" - yup, she's interviewing me too!

Ruth McNally Barshaw, creator of "Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen Will Travel" - yup, her too!

Wowsa, I'm really looking forward to my Blog Book Tour next week (Kim Norman is hosting me too). What the heck is a Blog Book Tour? Check out my article about them from the SCBWI Bulletin. And y'all check back next week to join in!

     The Cybils were announced this past week. This is the first online book award and in its second year, is already getting some great notice. Click the award to go check out the winners!

     In celebration of the SCBWI Bologna 2008 Children's Book Festival, Cynthia Leitich Smith is focusing on the international scene this week. She's featuring interviews with agents, editor, authors, and illustrators about the US and international youth publishing scene. Cynthia's blog is a great one to follow any day of the week, but how about subscribing to her blog through Jacketflap.com? They have a snazzy new design they just launched this week!

*Whew*!! I think that's all for now. See what I mean? Lots o' stuff to share - thanks for reading!



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