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Friday, April 4, 2008

Illustration Friday: Save

     From my new book from Free Spirit Publishing (written by Stacey Kaye, illustrated by Yours Truly, June 2008), here's the illustration featured in their new catalogue (check my post below).
     Dads always know how to save the day!



Blogger Kate said...

Wow, awesome! Another great illo from "e"!

2:53 PM  
Blogger NANCY LEFKO said...

just perfect...I love your illustrations.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous claude said...

wow, beautiful colors and atmosphere, a real "moment"!

3:48 PM  
Blogger ValGalArt said...

Really beautiful!

3:50 PM  
Blogger shaundra said...

So GREAT!! I just love looking at all of your illustrations!

4:40 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

I really want to reach out and touch them. Beautiful as always.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Is that save or SHAVE??? Great work!

7:13 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Love that cute bunny, too! Great job :)

11:56 PM  
Blogger josh pincus is crying said...

the characters and their gestures are absolutely beautiful. great work!

12:12 AM  
Blogger tusen said...

this is such a lovely, warm scene.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Vanessa said...

WOW!! The thumbnail of this pic sent me over here with speed! I absolutely luv this piece! It's so vibrant and such a cute illustration, well done!

5:04 PM  
Anonymous johanna said...

very touching scene. i like it a lot

11:12 PM  
Blogger Gigi Moore said...

This is beautiful! Congrats on your new book.

7:23 PM  

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