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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Celebrate! An Appreciation of Children's Lit Conference

   We awoke at 5:00 am to make sure I got there on time. It was a two 1/2 hour drive to the Dekalb County Library. If my husband hadn't driven me down there, I never would have made it. I've grown way too accustomed to these country roads.
   When we arrived, there was reserved parking and I was immediately greeted and led to a "green room." Gotta love the special treatment. I did listen to the opening speaker, Carmen Deedy. She really is as wonderful as I've always heard. I met with the other illustrators on the board before our talk, and we all got along wonderfully. What talents:
   Sheila Aldridge
   Laura Knorr
   Michael Montgomery
   The talk went well and had a nice turn-out. Book signing afterwards was fun. Books were on sale by Chapter 11.
   All in all, it was an incredibly slick event and I imagine will grow in popularity over the years.



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