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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Deborah Wiles, Liz Conrad and DBF!

     My great day continued when my friends, illustrator Liz Conrad, writer Vicky Alvear Schecter, and I left the Carlos Museum, had lunch (I still can't believe Liz ordered a fried green tomato sandwich - how southern is that!?), then headed over to our very favorite place, Little Shop of Stories, to see the award winning author of LOVE RUBY LAVENDER and EACH LITTLE BIRD THAT SINGS, Deborah Wiles.
     Deb is on tour for her latest book, THE AURORA COUNTY ALL-STARS (cover once again illustrated by the marvelous Marla Frazee). She read and spoke to what ended up being a group of mostly budding writers (while we enjoyed MoonPies and Cracker Jacks). So along with sharing her new book, Deb talked about the process of writing and her experiences in the publishing industry. It was fascinating and I learned a few tips to apply to my own writing as well. Thanks Deb!
     After Deb's signing, we had the honor of sharing a "seeing your book for the first time" moment with Liz. Her book, THE WITCHES' BALL, just came out! Diane (LSOS owner) pulled it out of a box as we watched. Can you say "ADORABLE!?"
     Perfect timing too. Liz will be on the panel of illustrators I will be moderating at the upcoming DECATUR BOOK FESTIVAL. I get to quiz four fabulous illustrator/writers: Chris Raschka (who I had the pleasure of being on the panel with last year), Judy Schachner (gads I love Skippy John Jones!), Liz Conrad, and Laura Knorr!! You will be there, right? Children's Stage, Sunday at 1:00pm.
     In fact, if you love books and reading, you can't miss this event. The Decatur Book Festival is already one of the five largest book festivals in the nation (and only in its second year!). The line-up is impressive to say the least, and with the Decatur square construction complete, the venue is charming! More on the festival coming soon! (Click the banner to learn more!)



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