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Monday, August 21, 2006

"Queen Bea" receives honorable mention!

     I just heard that my picture book manuscript, "Queen Bea," won honorable mention in the SCBWI-Southern Breeze writing contest in the category "Illustrated Books for Children: including fictional picture books, easy readers, and poems." I'm thrilled, even more so because the judges didn't see my artwork, this was based solely on my writing. I've been drawing for so long, I can pretty much judge my art with an objective eye, but not my writing. This validation feels so good - I needed it!
     You've seen a piece of the interior art (IF - "Play" listed below), and having put the teaser out there, here is a sneak peak of my work-in-progress cover:



Blogger Nancy Miller said...

I hope I'm not the last one to send my congratulations, this is wonderful news! I emailed Liz Conrad a congrats on her placing in the Illustration contest. I know that for a while you've been vesting time into your writing. I hope to hear in a future blog posting that you've gotten the book picked up by a publisher. Which in case, I don't think will be to far off.

All the best,


2:32 PM  

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