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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SOAP - I can't remember!

Today I'll be a guest at Jessica Handler's Swimming in the Trees. Remember when I talked about Jessica's new book Invisible Sisters? She writes for adults so had a different and interesting approach with her questions. Prepare to read about learning new languages!
     See the rest of my BLOG TOUR SCHEDULE here.

     I'm still celebrating the release of my first picture book as both author and illustrator, Soap, soap, soap and Soap, soap, soap ~ Jabón, jabón, jabón. Today I'm sharing a SOAPy grocery list to help you remember what you need to buy at the store. (Hugo could have used one of these!)
     Jessica actually suggested this idea - and what a good one it was!
     Click the image to go to the SOAP ACTIVITY PAGE and download the grocery list!

     Click the cover to learn more about SOAP, Soap, soap, soap and Soap, soap, soap ~ Jabón, jabón, jabón.

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Blogger Shelli said...

yay! im glad you are having fun! congrads!

8:28 PM  

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